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Welcome to the second edition of the The New Marston Times. Between the snow and our editors' discovery of the joys of the wheely chair in the office that spins around, we thought this would never reach the presses, but here it is. Featuring our year 5 students' conservation initiative, more artwork, a candid exposé on our incoming Chair of Governors, and a scoop about, er, snow. All ideas and contributions are welcome, either at the journalism club at Thursday’s after-school club, or via Ms Salido, or our editors Amie (year 4) and Charlotte (year 5).

Issue 2 17th December 2017

Here comes 2018...

Happy New Year

Saving the Sumatran Rhino

The cake and toys sale
£83 raised!

On Friday 1st December, Catriona, Philippa and me held a cake and toy sale.

This was so we can raise money for endangered Sumatran Rhinos. There are fewer than 100 in the world and they can only survive in very protected areas. They are vulnerable to extinction from natural catastrophes, diseases and inbreeding.

Another reason why we want to help is that we feel for Sumatran Rhinos, and they are the most endangered animal in the world. Also, they are one of the smallest type of rhino which makes them like an adorable brown toy.

A Sumatran Rhino

A Sumatran Rhino

My class

New Marston Primary School

 An interview with

Nick Chatrath

Chair of Governors

What is a Chair of Governors? Can't the governors get more than one chair? How do they decide who gets to sit in it? Our crack team of year 3 investigative reporters is on the case!

What is a Chair of Governors?

Ah… so, I'm the Chair of Governors, and I lead the team that works with Ms Smith and the teachers and others to make the school as good as it can be.

Why did you become the Chair of Governors?

I was asked! And also erm, I love the school. My daughter's in year 2, and I've got another daughter who's in nursery and we've got another daughter who's two years old and she'll hopefully be in nursery so, yeah, we live nearby and want to help the school flourish.

What is your favourite joke?

What do you call a donkey with three legs?

I don't know…

A wonkey!

What is your favourite ice cream?

Mint choc chip! Do you have that as a favourite, anyone else? No? No - what's yours?
[Ms Salido] Probably chocolate! Oh, mine is lemon.

Do you like our school?

Yes, I do!
[Ms Salido] Yesterday, when we were writing the questions, they were saying, 'Shall we ask this one'? Because, of course he likes the school, and I said, 'well, you don't know, maybe he doesn't like it and that's why he's become the Chair of Governors!'

What ideas do you have to improve the school?

Guess what? I'm going to answer that question, and then I'm going to ask you!
OK, so, my ideas… that's a really good one… you know, I think that Ms Smith's doing a great job, and I think that we, the nursery's going to get bigger, and that's really helpful because it means more children will be coming in at the start. I also think that we need to… we're getting in some new teachers and some brilliant teachers who are already here, so I think that it's just about helping children enjoy the lessons and making sure that everyone's teaching what they want to and what they're good at according to the curriculum. Yeah, so I think that for me it's about setting plans in place for two or three years ahead, and trying to improve things across the board. So, what ideas do you have?
[Ms Salido] How can you improve the school? What would you like to change?

Well, in the little playground there isn't much equipment, because a lot of it we're not allowed to go on.

[Ms Salido] That's true - the equipment in the little playground is broken.
The one outside year 2? OK, yeah. That's a good one. So in terms of improving the school, part of what the governors deal with is money, so, you know, we need to have some money to get some equipment. Right, where are we up to?

What is the place you would love to go to?

I would love to go on safari in Africa. So maybe somewhere in Kenya… or in South Africa near Johannesburg there's the Kruger National Park which is very big, and has lots of animals, so I'd love to go there.

Do you have another job?

Yes. I work with leaders in business, and I help them think really well.

Do you like sports?

Yeah, I love sports! So I, I've done lots of different sports in my life. I started doing triathalon this year, I've really got a bug for triathalon. Do you know what that is? It's three sports in one, so you swim, and then you get out of the pool, and you change, and you get on your bike and you do your bike and then you change and you run, and they time it, and you see how fast you can go!

How many countries have you been to?

OK, that's a difficult question… do you want me to add them up? I've been to quite a lot of countries. I'm going to have to list them here. So can you count as I say a country?


England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Finland, Denmark… now, let's go down a bit… Spain
[Ms Salido] Good!
Yes! Portugal, er, Italy, but that was only because the plane stopped there, Greece, so we'll work our way round Europe, Poland and Hungary, erm, hang on, Switzerland and Austria, I go to Austria a lot, I haven't been to Russia, so… going east, India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, they're their own country…

20 so far…

20 so far? And I haven't even got to the Far East, so let's see, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and then go round, oh, Kazakhstan, it was cold, -31 degrees, coldest I've ever been. Then Africa, I've been to only Egypt and South Africa, nowhere else there. And then Brazil and Argentina, and then America.

How many's that?


32! Wow, I didn't know that! That is a lot.

Are there more than 32 countries or places?

How many do you think there are? In the whole world? Do you think you could find that out? And let me know.

Do you have a pet?

No. My wife and I, when we got married, we agreed no pets. We love pets, but we don't want them ourselves to look after!

If you could, which animal would you love to have as a pet?

Any animal? I would quite like an iguana with a diamond necklace. It's true. Anyone know what an iguana is? It's a big lizard!
Is that more questions? Page 2? You've been working hard! This is good!

Who is your favourite author and favourite illustrator?

Favourite author, so for me that changes every year, because I read quite a lot… I like George Eliot, and she wrote Middlemarch, which is my favourite book in the whole world. Er, favourite illustrator, I don't know the name of the person, but have you read any of the Squirrel Nutkin, the Beatrix Potter books? Really nice illustrator on those, but I don't know their name.
[Ms Salido] We'll find out the name of the illustrator…

Do you like turnips?

Turnips? Well. they're not my favourite vegetable, but if they're there, particularly as part of a roast lunch, I would have them… but not my favourite

Do you like olives?

Yes! Love olives! But I didn't used to when I was growing up…

Do you like vegetables?

Yes! I love vegetables! Though hang on, who here likes turnips? No-one likes turnips? OK, just checking.

What is your favourite dinner?

Favourite dinner is roast lamb with raost potatoes and then you definitely need the mint sauce and the vegetables on the side. And then chocolate cake for afters. It has to be chocolate cake! Favourite dessert on its own would be sticky toffee pudding! Have you had that? It's so good, especially with vanilla ice cream on the side.

When is your birthday?

Every year! Oh, 30th April.

Who is your favourite singer or band or dancer?

Hmmm… who do I listen to most? That's a really difficult one… hmmm, well, I think that it's Queen, Freddie Mercury and Queen I absolutely love.
[Ms Salido] And who do you listen to?

I like Little Mix…

Ah, Little Mix, they are good! So, who came up with the questions?

All of us.

That's good.
[Ms Salido] Yeah, they worked really hard last week and they did the last bit yesterday and they typed them up.
So you typed them? And what are you going to do with the answers to the questions?

We've got a school website so we'll put them on the school website.

Well, that's a really good idea. I look forward to reading that.

My go out in the snow

Izzie and the snow girl Izzie on the carousel

Yesterday I went out in the snow. It was lots of fun. I made a snow girl. She was my best friend. I went to the Christmas market and had hot apple juice. The snow was cold but Oxford looked beautiful.

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